Technology in Multiphase Flow Metering

technologie in Multiphase Flow MeteringA range of world leading Tracerco technologies can be used to ensure your flow metering systems run at maximum efficiency.These specialist services are used on-stream to calibrate one, two or three phase flows to confirm the accuracy of a variety of installed meters.Areas of application include:* Measurement of gas flow rate* Measurement of water flow rate* Measurement of hydrocarbon condensate flow rate* Independent measurement of shrinkageTechnology in multiphase flow rate calibrationFor many years two-phase and multi-phase flows have been common throughout the oil and gas industry. Until recently, such flows were measured by separating the flow into its constituent components in a test separator followed by conventional single phase metering techniques.In the constant drive towards more efficient production, development has been focused away from traditional test separators towards more flexible lower cost multiphase metering. Along with these meters goes the need for periodic in-situ calibration. This has led to the development of the TRACERCO Diagnostics™ PhaseCal.The principle of the measurement is based on the tracer dilution technique that Tracerco have been using for more than forty years. Tracerco can offer the service using either radioactive or non-radioactive tracers. In order to obtain the best quality information, each particular measurement will require subtle changes in the technique. Tracerco’s well trained staff can draw upon years of experience in this technology to ensure that the client gets the maximum amount of useful information from the tests


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