Our booking procedure has been designed in view of the three aspects that we consider fundamental: Transparency, Simplicity, and Saving money by booking via Internet For every booking, whether made on the telephone or on the Internet, you receive a booking form by fax o by email (in case of online bookings the form can be printed off at the end of the booking procedure) which recapitulates the essential booking details and conditions. In order to allow a quick overview, the booking form states in a simple and clear way the booking details (dates, names, type of room, arrangement etc.), cancellation fees, conditions, and payment details. Bookings made on the telephone as well as online bookings can be checked and monitorised in the “customer area” on our website, where you can call up your booking by simply putting in your booking reference number and your email address.

Booking with Aurum Hotels is really a children’s game: After providing the details of your booking over the phone, you receive a booking form by email or by fax with the request of a 20% deposit to be paid by credit card. The booking form has to be filled in, signed and send back to us within a certain date specified on the form (in general within two days, but in case of bookings for the immediate future the time limit might be reduced). You can send the form back by fax to 0039 081 598 05 31 or by email to ( with you handwritten signature scanned in). Within 48 hours from the reception of your form we will send you a confirmation letter by email or by fax. If for any reason you should not receive our confirmation letter you can print it off from our website in the “customer area” by inserting your booking reference number and email address. In case of any problems, please contact our booking center on 0039 081 598 05 75. If we don’t receive your form completed and signed by the expiry date, your booking will be automatically cancelled without any cancellation fee. The balance is due within the date specified in the confirmation letter (in general not later than 12 days before arrival).


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